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Welcome to our tutorial section. From here you can read useful practices about Joomla CMS.

How to make TinyMCE Editor clear unwanted tags from content

16 August 2018

The default Joomla editor gives the users the ability to filter the content copied from other programs such as Microsoft Office or Libre Office to the article without having weird classes or styles.

As a Super user or Administrator, login to the administration area of your website and navigate to Extensions > Plugins.

How to edit own articles only and how to make users create articles from specific categories only

14 August 2018

Joomla ACL (Access Control List) has implemented a method to secure the website content by giving the users the ability to edit their own created articles only.

With that method your site is secured from accidental or ...deliberate mistakes.

Visual Studio Code as a Joomla Code Editor

18 October 2016

It was June 2015 when Microsoft showed to the public a new code editor. Visual Studio Code entered our lives and never left.

Inspiring, Fresh, Multi platform but most of all with great support!

Microsoft made a fantastic job and the project was hugged from the majority of web coders.

In this post i will try to analyse some features of this tool and how you can make Microsoft Visual Studio Code a necessary partner in your daily Joomla coding.

How to change language strings in Joomla?

09 October 2016

Joomla supports changing the string on every aspect of a joomla installation. With this simple guide we will analyse in a few steps how to change a few strings.

Alternative Layouts in Joomla Modules

04 October 2016

In this tutorial we will analyse a very important feature of Joomla. The "Alternative Layouts".

For the need of this tutorial, we are using a clean Joomla 3.6.2 installation with the default Protostar template.